Classic character Sindel was released on November 26, as the newest DLC character for Mortal Kombat 11. A day later, a YouTuber has discovered all the character's secret new brutalities and shared them for the world to see.

Sindel is the latest addition to the MK 11 Kombat Pack. Introduced in Mortal Kombat 3, she has played a major role in the Mortal Kombat canon, especially the modern timeline. This will be the first time Sindel is playable since she was in the base roster of the 2011 MK reboot. The character has been a long time coming to MK 11, having been announced in May with details teased out over the course of the last six months.

YouTuber Mr. Alucard posted a video showcasing all of Mortal Kombat 11 Sindel's brutalities include the secret and hidden ones. Most end with Sindel's opponent losing their head or face, but for the most part these aren't especially brutal by Mortal Kombat 11 standards. Which makes sense because this video does not show Sindel's Fatalities. Those are the more over-the-top finishers Mortal Kombat has made legendary within popular culture.

The most truly brutal of Sindel's brutalities would have to be when she grabs an opponent by their head with her hair and repeatedly beats them into the ground, smashing the head into a pulpy mess. Others make reference to Sindel's classic MK 3 fatality where she screams the flesh off the opponent's bones.

Sindel is the newest addition to MK 11, but The Terminator was just released in October, about two and a half months ago. While fans have expressed displeasure about the slow rollout of the characters in the Kombat Pack, the characters seem generally well-received. Joker will come in January and Spawn won't be available in the game until March 2020.

Characters aren't the only way Netherrealm continues to keep Mortal Kombat 11 fresh. For November, the game added new Brutalities and Thanksgiving Towers. Players can take on the new Deadly Feast challenge towers to unlock new Brutalities for Baraka, Johnny Cage, Kano, and The Terminator. Each character has a separate tower that players will need to climb and fully conquer to unlock the Brutality. These Deadly Feast towers are live now.

Mortal Kombat 11 is out now for PC, PS4, Stadia, Switch, and Xbox One.