Players have been anticipating the arrival of Sindel as a playable DLC character in Mortal Kombat 11 since her announcement from developer NetherRealm at the end of this past May. Now, fans of the game have shared a new leaked render of the former queen of Edenia over Reddit, while another posted a screenshot of her official in-game bio.

Sindel was confirmed as an upcoming addition to the character roster at the same time as Nightwolf, Spawn, and Shang Tsung. Since then, it was revealed in mid-August that Sindel would be coming to Mortal Kombat 11 on November 26, which is now just under a month away.

Sindel's bio gives fans an idea of her past misdeeds and current standing, reading, "The former Queen of Edenia will stop at nothing to keep her place. When threatened with the loss of her throne when Shao Kahn conquered her realm, Sindel betrayed her husband, and her people, to keep her privileged position. Now Shao Khan's wife and Queen of the Outerworld, she enjoys power and wealth beyond most people's imagination. Good luck to anyone who tries to take it from her."

The bio also reveals that while early access for Sindel begins on November 26, as previously stated, she'll be made available for standalone purchase starting on December 3 - and below, check out the character's newly leaked render.

new sindel render

To the surprise of many Mortal Kombat fans on Reddit, Kombat Pack owners will get the Klassic Cassie skin and Gothic Horror Skin Pack at the same time as Sindel. However, it did leave many on the thread wondering when the as-yet-unreleased Klassic female skin pack would go live, as many assumed it would be alongside the queen of the Outerworld. According to one Redditor, Klassic female ninja skins have been "in the files" for a long time without any word on a release, and admittedly, the launch of Sindel would have been a great time to go wild on playable female characters. Still, a gothic vibe suits Sindel pretty well too, and those same fans aren't complaining about the chance to try out some gothic horror skins on their game.

There's also a little bit of discontent over Sindel's bio, considering that as the original story goes, Sindel's "betrayal" came about after she was bewitched by the invaders. "That's a weird way to spell "fought for Edenia till her last breath and was enchanted by Shao Kahn's forces to fight for evil," wrote another Redditor. So, come November 26, it'll be interesting to see if NetherRealm and MK11 have anything more to say on the subject of Sindel's new situation.

Mortal Kombat 11 is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit