By now Mortal Kombat 11 players know what NetherRealm Studios has planned for the remainder of “Year 1.” Three more DLC characters are set to release between now and March, along with several events, Halloween skin drops, and more in between. Next up is fan-favorite MK fighter Sindel but after that is DC Comics’ Joker, who will be making the jump back into the Mortal Kombat universe.

While players have already seen the render for Joker, they know very little about the character otherwise. They can assume based on the way Mortal Kombat 11 uses violence that Joker will be a lot less “cheeky” than in Injustice, but that’s just speculation.

But, in order to fuel that speculation and excitement, Mortal Kombat 11 director Ed Boon has given fans yet another teaser, as he is wont to do. According to Boon, he has seen one of the Fatal Blows for Joker and is something.

Unfortunately, Boon’s Tweet doesn’t offer any more detail outside of a general tease. The Mortal Kombat 11 director loves to interact with the fans and usually, it’s all in good fun. Sometimes Ed Boon's teasing borders on trolling, but in this case, he is merely trying to generate a little excitement for an upcoming DLC character.

It’s odd that Boon is talking about Joker when Sindel is set to release first, on November 26th, but it’s possible that he feels fans are already sold on that character. Sindel has a rich history with Mortal Kombat and, as the last remaining non-guest DLC fighter, she does not to win fans over.

Joker, on the other hand, has received criticism since the character render first leaked a few months ago. Although the character has sported some iconic looks throughout NetherRealm’s fighting game franchises, many feel that this MK 11 design is too generic. Some even drew parallels between Joker’s design and a porn parody.

It makes sense then that Ed Boon and Co. would be focused on trying to build excitement for the Joker. Yes, he’s still going to be popular just by nature of the character’s pedigree but other fans have soured on the addition. They’re also pretty frustrated that they have to wait until March to play as Spawn, arguably the biggest guest character ever for Mortal Kombat, but that’s a whole other issue.

Mortal Kombat 11 adds the Joker on January 28, 2020.