This Friday, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare released a new patch that was supposed to bring balance to the multiplayer experience. Specifically, the update targeted some of the most overpowered weapons and equipment in the game, like the 725 shotgun. However, while players hoped that this patch would be the end of 725 shotgun spam in multiplayer, it seems that the weapon is just as strong as it ever was.

Our experience online and reports from fellow Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players has not shown much of a change in 725 use or lethality. There are still plenty of players online running around with the shotgun and killing targets at absurd range with it.

According to the Modern Warfare patch notes, the 725 shotgun nerf was supposed to increase pellet spread in both hipfire and ADS. The weapon also had its damage range reduced, but that change does not seem to be significant enough. Players can still “map” opponents from absurd distances with the 725 shotgun with only a single shot.

No doubt the fact that the 725 shotgun is still just as strong as it was pre-patch is going to be disappointing to Modern Warfare players. By no means did the weapon completely ruin the multiplayer experience, but running into a lobby filled with players using the 725 is a frustrating experience.

Every new Call of Duty has a weapon that dominates multiplayer right out of the gate, and usually, the developers are quick to jump on it. In this case, the 725 shotgun has limitations because of its range, but it’s still surprisingly potent.

The good news is that other overpowered weapons and items like the M4A1 and the Riot Shield have been successfully knocked down a peg by the patch. And the game is only two weeks old, which means there is still plenty of time for developer Infinity Ward to get the balance right on every weapon while adding new multiplayer maps. That’s not to say that the developers will, but early on there is always the potential.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.