Even though the next generation of consoles are due to launch next year, it hasn't stopped Microsoft or Sony from continuing to release new color variations for their current generation controllers. Sony is preparing to release four new colors for its DualShock 4 controller including the highly requested rose gold, while Microsoft also recently revealed a special midnight forces edition for the Xbox One. The company isn't stopping there however as they've just announced a brand new limited edition design for its X019 event.

As revealed on Twitter, Xbox fans can get their hands on the X019 Aquabrush controller starting on November 14 at 2 p.m. PST/10 p.m. BST following the X019 episode of Inside Xbox. It's a limited edition run of only 1,000 units available on sale for $99.99 USD online at the Microsoft Store or at the X019 Show in London. The controller is a collaboration between Microsoft and DPM Studio, who is the camo division of the streetwear label, maharishi.

The design mixes the classic Xbox colors into a swirling lizard-brushstroke camouflage look. However, What makes this controller completely unique is that the controller also features iconic locations from London which are subtly included in the design. Looking closely, fans will see landmarks hidden in the print like the Thames River, the Eye of London, Tower Bridge, and more.

The collaboration doesn't just stop at controllers however as Microsoft also announced a team up with Meta Threads and PinUSA to bring the Aquabrush camo print to other merch like shirts, jackets, and pins. Fans can pick this merchandise up at the X019 event in a couple of weeks or from the Xbox Gear online store.

X019, the celebration of all things Xbox, is set to kick off in London from November 14-16, 2019. Microsoft has previously confirmed that the three day event will contain news, announcements, panels, and even a few surprises. Unfortunately, specifics were not announced but with how open Sony has been with regards to the PlayStation 5, fans have already begun speculation that Microsoft may be revealing a bit more information about the company's upcoming next gen console, Project Scarlett.