Microsoft likes to use social media to host custom console giveaways, and now it has announced a brand new sweepstakes that lets players win an awesome Borderlands 3-themed Xbox One X. Anyone from the United States or Canada interested in winning the custom Borderlands 3 Xbox One X console just needs to head to the official Xbox Twitter page, retweet the post, and then add #BL3Sweepstakes to be in consideration.

The custom Borderlands 3 Xbox One X console features a psychedelic color scheme with the face of one of the game's Psychos on top. The front of the Xbox One X console features the Borderlands 3 logo, along a bright green paint splatter. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a custom Borderlands 3 Xbox One controller to match the console's paintjob, but the console itself looks pretty impressive.

Anyone interested in entering the custom Borderlands 3 Xbox One X sweepstakes need to do so by October 19. The official tweet is right here:

This custom Borderlands 3 Xbox One X console is far from the first custom console that Microsoft has given away on social media. Xbox has given away a number of these consoles in the past, often as a tie-in promotion with other brands. For example, there have been some custom Xbox One X consoles based on movies, like the Captain Marvel Xbox One X and the Godzilla Xbox One X consoles.

Sometimes the custom Xbox One console tie-ins are a bit stranger than ones based on movies and video games. Some may recall the Oreo-themed Xbox One X console that was given away earlier this year, which featured a custom console and controller that featured the black and white Oreo color scheme, as well as an image of a cookie being dipped into milk.

Moving forward, fans can expect Microsoft to continue these kinds of custom Xbox One X sweepstakes. Not only does it help Microsoft get an Xbox One in the hands of a potentially new customer, but it also helps the company promote whatever it's hoping to advertise. It's also quite likely that these kinds of sweepstakes will continue with the next-generation Project Scarlett console as well, but fans will have to wait and see on that front.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.