The MediEvil remake launches this coming Friday, October 25, and it has to compete against the likes of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and The Outer Worlds. Considering how many video games are coming out this Friday, some may want to base their purchase on how much playtime they will get out of each game. Having played through the MediEvil remake, we can confirm about how long it will take to beat.

The MediEvil remake is almost an exact remake of the PS1 original, so it's no surprise that it will take about the same amount of time for players to beat. Skill level will certainly play a factor, but we estimate that it will take most MediEvil players between five and seven hours to beat the game's 21 levels (22 if counting the Dan's Crypt tutorial level). That being said, the MediEvil PS4 remake does have some things that give it a bit more replay value than the PS1 original.

As it turns out, the MediEvil PS4 remake has a new collectible in the form of Lost Souls. Lost Souls were originally found in MediEvil 2, but players can now find them in most of the levels in the first game. This should give those who played the original to death an extra challenge, and add a bit more playtime onto this game than the PS1 version. This combined with trophies to unlock should make the MediEvil PS4 remake a lengthier experience for most players.

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In our MediEvil review, we pointed out how the game's short length isn't a bad thing as it constantly delivers new ideas to the player throughout the entire experience and doesn't have much in the way of repetitive game design. Even so, it's understandable that some fans may want to hold off on getting the MediEvil PS4 remake due to its short length. However, there is another factor to consider as well, and that's the game's price.

The MediEvil PS4 remake is available at a discount price of $29.99, which is half off the asking price for both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and The Outer Worlds. This budget price may very well convince some players to still pick up the game, despite its short length.

MediEvil launches on October 25, exclusively for PS4.