With the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch on the horizon and big developments occurring in the Pokemon anime, such as Ash winning a Pokemon League Championship, it is currently a great time to be a Pokemon fan. Now, it is even more exciting to be an advocate of Pocket Monsters, as Pokemon-themed toys are set to be available in McDonald's Happy Meals in the very near future.

A promotional image on the Happy Meal website recently revealed that the world of Pokemon will be the img for one of the next batches of Happy Meal toys. While this promotional image does prominently feature Pikachu, there is no indication of exactly what these Pokemon Happy Meal toys will be, when they will be released, and what regions will have access to them. That said, it seems that some fans will be able to pickup Pokemon toys at McDonald's throughout October.

Additionally, the image indicates that there will be Hello Kitty-themed Happy Meal toys available alongside the new Pokemon toys. There is further indication that the Hello Kitty toys may feature Halloween-inspired designs, and perhaps this batch of McDonald's Pokemon toys will have a festive slant as well.

pokemon mcdonalds toys

To note, this is certainly not the first time that Pokemon and McDonald's have joined forces. Indeed, Pokemon toys and collectible cards have found their way into Happy Meals several times in the past, including in 2014 when Pokemon X and toys were available at McDonald's. It remains to be seen if these new Pokemon Happy Meal toys will live up to previous offerings, but the most avid fans will certainly want to add these McDonald's toys to their collections.

Furthermore, a 2017 Pokemon GO event featured a McDonald's tie-in, wherein a new lure module was added to a number of McDonald's restaurants. That said, that Pokemon GO event was exclusive to Japan, which meant that not everyone was able to experience it firsthand. Hopefully for those wanting to get their hands on the new Pokemon Happy Meal toys, a similar type of region-exclusivity will not prevent them from doing so.

Source: Happy Meal