A new collectible figure featuring Spidey in a suit from Marvel's Spider-Man was just announced. From Sideshow and PCS Collectibles comes the $1,100 Spider-Man Advanced Suit statue. This is a serious investment for a seriously cool collectible for Spider-Man fans, especially those who loved last year's hit game.

In 2018, Insomniac Games released its take on Spider-Man and it ended up being one of the best Spider-Man video games ever made. The Advanced Suit was created by Insomniac in Marvel's Spider-Man and has crept its way into the larger Spidey universe in the year since the game's release. Now, two major collectibles and figures brands are teaming up to offer the ultimate statue for fans of the PlayStation 4 game.

The $1,100 statue stands 24 inches tall  at 1:3 Scale, depicting Spider-Man in the advanced suit narrowly escaping the clutches of a more obscure villain featured in the PS4 exclusive. It is Mr. Negative, aka Martin Li, whose final boss fight form appears in this statue to is try to drag Peter down to his death. PCS Collectibles and Sideshow are creating two different versions of the collectible. The first is the "exclusive" edition that comes with a flexible web, and the second is the "collector edition" that doesn't offer the web. Both are priced the same at $1,100.

Don't expect to get this one anytime soon, though. Sideshow estimates arrival dates over a year out, between January and March of 2021. However, there is a nice monthly payment plan that the site offers that helps ease the seemingly overwhelming asking price. It does seem, based on the track record and details given, that this will be a very detailed and finely crafted work of art for the most dedicated Spidey heads to enjoy.

The first Marvel's Spider-Man was beloved and hopefully Insomniac continues its Spider-Man story into future games. As the state of the character on film becomes quite strange, the next best hope for another good Spider-Man story comes from Insomniac.

Marvel's Spider-Man is out now, exclusively for PS4.

Source: Sideshow