Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have talked about Marvel's Avengers and its assorted gameplay and progression systems for some time now. But relatively little of these systems have actually been shown. Today a new trailer should help prospective Marvel's Avengers players visualize exactly what Crystal Dynamics is planning. The trailer offers a first glimpse at in-game systems for character customization, gear, skill unlocks, and even the in-game map for Marvel's Avengers.

Marvel's Avengers customization UI is the first menu panel shown, though it's labeled "Appearance" in-game. The Appearance menu includes three submenus for customization, including Outfits, Emotes, and Nameplates. Five Iron Man costumes are shown, including the Legendary Original Sin Armor, a Rare Starboost Armor, a Prototype Armor, Iron Man's Iconic Armor, and a new costume with a visored helmet. No emotes or nameplates are shown, but players can expect to be able to earn and unlock those as well.

"Gear" is the next Marvel's Avengers system shown and there's a lot to take in. On their nameplate players can see their level and Power level, followed by scores for Melee, Ranged, Defense, and Heroic stats. An individual piece of gear has its own Gear Power and rarity, as well as specific stat like Resolve or Fortitude. Gear also has perks that need to be unlocked using crafting reagents. One perk, for example, granted a damage buff for killing enemies with critical ranged attacks. Gear also appears to have a manufacturer like weapons in the Borderlands franchise. Example manufacturers include Pym Technologies and Stark Industries.

Finally, Iron Man's "Skills" are shown. Skills, which include skills, combos, and skill upgrades, are broken down into rudimentary short trees where one has to be unlocked prior to another. But the diversity of options is perhaps most interesting. In the Primary section, there are Melee, Repulsor, and Laser skillsets with 4-7 skills apiece. In addition to Primary, there are also Specialty, Capability, and Utility menus, each with up to 3 of their own submenus of skills. One other interesting detail is that skill will be unlocked with a generalized skill point currency. It doesn't look like skills will have more specific requirements or challenges needed to acquire them,

There's also a brief look at Marvel's Avengers mission map, showing how different types of missions will be available to players to choose from. Each mission having its own reward and difficulty setting.

One final note worth mentioning is that the trailer specifically says "UI DESIGN NOT FINAL" throughout the entire video. This trailer provides a great idea of the systems and mechanics that will make up Marvel's Avengers' progression systems. The UI used for each menu can, and probably should, change before launch. But even in this presumably early state, the UI does provide a clear view of important details. Hopefully, the text will scale across TVs and monitors, though. Those crafting materials at the bottom of the screen are very small.

Expect more finalized details on Marvel's Avengers progression systems and their respective menus closer to launch.

Marvel's Avengers releases May 15, 2020 on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.