It’s been about two months since Mario Kart Tour brought the series to non-Nintendo mobile devices. By this point, series fans have either sworn off Mario Kart Tour for its controversial microtransactions or come to accept their presence as best as they can. For the latter group, a new batch of content will be dropping into the game in a couple of days.

Slowly but surely, new stuff has been dripping into the game. That drip-feed will continue with the themed event starting this Tuesday, November 19, at 10:00 PM PST. In keeping with the time of year, the event will be winter-themed, a fact that the Mario Kart Tour Twitter page confirmed with the following message: “What's that outside? Has it started snowing already? That can only mean one thing...the next tour is the Winter tour! Bust out your snow tires and ready your chains for a flurry of fun!”

This is the latest of the two-week-long “tours” that the game has been hosting since not long after it launched. These normally add several unlockable tracks, characters, karts, and costumes over the course of their run, often themed around real world locations like New York City, Tokyo, or Paris. As for which new content will be added over the next two weeks, the game’s Twitter wouldn’t say, but it did confirm that a new retro track, DK Pass from 2005’s Mario Kart DS, will be headlining the next batch.

Despite the bad press leading up to its launch, Mario Kart Tour managed to attract a massive 123.9 million downloads in its first month, so a lot of people will have the chance to get their hands on whatever the Winter tour brings their way. Whether they will be able to without a lot of grinding for a chance to unlock them or paying upwards of $39.99 (no joke) for guaranteed access will remain to be seen.

In related news, it’s been announced that the currently-single-player Mario Kart Tour will be getting its first taste of proper multiplayer in the coming weeks. A beta test for “real-time” multiplayer is scheduled to take place sometime in December, but unfortunately, it will be limited to those subscribed to Mario Kart Tour’s Gold Pass.

Mario Kart Tour is free-to-download on mobile devices.