It seems like only a few months can pass at the most before there’s a new story about someone getting caught committing petty video game-related crimes. This time around, a man in Bellevue, Washington is facing justice for stealing from Valve, home of the Steam platform and franchises like Half-Life and Portal.

Local news station KIRO 7 reports that charges have been filed against 32-year-old Shawn Shaputis. Said charges allege that the man broke into Valve’s headquarters in Bellevue’s Lincoln Square last month, and this was no small act of theft. Police say Shaputis made off with over $40,000 worth of equipment and games, though it’s unclear why he targeted the company in the first place. Perhaps he’s not a fan of Valve’s business model.

As for how police were able to trace the robbery to him, KIRO reports that they were able to attain camera footage of the guy selling some of his ill-gotten games at a GameStop. But as it turns out, Shaputis had already been on local law enforcement’s radar for a while now. He’s been arrested multiple times since June 2018, but has continually managed to avoid jail time. That’s surprising, considering one of the crimes he was charged with was stealing a FedEx truck and leading police on a high-speed chase along the I-90 freeway connecting Bellevue to Seattle.

At the time the charges for the Valve robbery were filed last month, there were a total of six warrants for his arrest. Shaputis is expected to face these charges in court tomorrow, and should he fail to show up for some reason, police will issue yet another warrant. With any luck, this will bring an end to his crime-spree before he can hit any of the other game companies based in the greater Seattle area, like Nintendo and Microsoft.


While the police are staying mum on the details of the robbery, it goes without saying that burglarizing a major gamemaker’s headquarters is pretty high on the scale of video game-related crimes. Most incidents of this nature usually just involve average people getting a little too greedy and petty. Take, for instance, the story from just last month about the Nebraska game store employees who were stealing merchandise from a rival store.

Source: KIRO 7