Yesterday, during Microsoft's X019 event, the company had a number of announcements to generate excitement for Xbox owners and to help draw in new players. A big one among them was a new slew of games to be added to Microsoft's subscription service, the Game Pass, which include the likes of The Witcher 3Halo: Reach and three of the most recent Yakuza games. But there was one major title that will be coming to Xbox One that was absent from the show, and that was none other than Square Enix's own MMORPG, Final Fantasy 14.

This was confirmed by Xbox boss Phil Spencer when he spoke to press attending the event:

"I wanted you to know, rest assured that we will be bringing [Final Fantasy 14] to Xbox. We have a great relationship with Yoshida-san and we’re working through what it means to bring [to Xbox] a cross-platform MMO that they’ve run for years."

It's not surprising to see the title be added to Xbox One, as Naoki Yoshida, the game's director and producer, has stated in the past that he wanted to bring the MMO to other platforms. In a previous interview, he stated:

"My direction has never changed from the beginning when we started with A Realm Reborn: strive to have as many people play FF 14 on multiple platforms. Secondly, I want to allow people to play with their friends without any cross-platform limitations."

There is currently no release date planned for Final Fantasy 14, but it's safe to say that the JRPG series is gradually making a new home for itself on Xbox One, since ten of its titles are planned for the Game Pass as well, including Final Fantasy 7, the Final Fantasy 10 duology, and all three Final Fantasy 13 games.

This wasn't all that was announced during the event; Microsoft had plenty of original titles to show off as well, such as a new IP from Rare, and a first-person survival game called Groundedwhich is being made by Obsidian Entertainment, the studio behind The Outer Worlds.

In the meantime, Xbox owners can look forward to Microsoft's upcoming Black Friday deals on its consoles, games and controllers. While Black Friday isn't until November 29th, the deals will become available on November 24th and last for just over a week.

Final Fantasy 14 is available right now on PC and PS4.

Source: GameSpot