Magic: The Gathering's Mythic Championship 5 kicked off on Friday, and a field of 68 of the game's best players has now been whittled down to just eight. These players are bringing their strongest Magic: The Gathering Standard decks to the table, and with all of the Mythic Championship 5 decklists available for fans to peruse, one thing becomes quite clear: green is king. Indeed, over 90% of the players in the tournament registered Forests, and it is thus not surprising that the most-played card at Mythic Championship 5 is green.

Specifically, Once Upon a Time stands as the card with the highest level of representation at Magic: The Gathering's Mythic Championship 5. This powerful green instant is part of MTG's new Throne of Eldraine set, and there are 169 copies of it to be found across the MC5 decklists. Considering that a myriad of the format's most popular decks frequently run a full playset of Once Upon a Time, including Bant Golos, Simic Food, Bant Ramp, and Gruul Aggro, this count certainly make sense.

The next most-played cards at the tournament are Hydroid Krasis, with 156 copies, and Growth Spiral, with 138 copies. What is interesting about the perversity of these two cards is that they require not only green mana to cast, but blue mana as well. This suggests that Simic is highly powerful in Magic: The Gathering's Throne of Eldraine Standard, and that is something that anyone that has been playing the format can easily attest to.

magic the gathering mythic championship 5 most played cards

Indeed, a myriad of Simic decks, and Simic decks splashing white, have been dominating Standard ever since the best MTG Throne of Eldraine cards entered the format, and the Mythic Championship 5 decklists suggest that this might not be changing anytime soon. With over 40% of the field registering Bant decks and another 20% registering Simic decks, it is clear that many of the pros agree that this is where players should be if they want to win matches.

That said, things could be shaken up tomorrow if Wizards of the Coast believes that the data provided by Mythic Championship 5 points to an unhealthy Standard format. The developer recently shifted its next Magic: The Gathering banned and restricted announcement to Monday, October 21, and thus players may see one or more of the cards that are pushing these green-based decks to to the top removed from Standard in short order.

The Magic: The Gathering Throne of Eldraine expansion set is available now.

Source: Wizards of the Coast