Yesterday marked the beginning of Magic: The Gathering's Mythic Championship 6, and around 500 players are now busy battling it out for a chance at the event's $500,000 prize pool. In the weeks leading up to the tournament, Food decks have come to dominate MTG's Standard format, and many fans have been wondering exactly how prevalent this powerful strategy would be at this weekend's event. Fortunately for these fans, a recently-released Mythic Championship 6 metagame breakdown fully clarifies this matter.

Specifically, 63% of the decks being played at MTG's Mythic Championship 6 are Food decks, with Sultai Food, Simic Food, and Bant Food being the three most-played decks at the tournament. This is truly a staggering percentage of the metagame, and it makes one thing perfectly clear: Oko, Thief of Crowns is an extremely powerful Magic: The Gathering card.

Indeed, a primary incentive to play one of the aforementioned Food strategies is Oko, but these are not the only decks at Mythic Championship 6 that are playing the Thief of Crowns, as Sultai/Four-Color Sacrifice, Temur Planeswalkers, Bant Ramp, and Simic Adventure/Quasiduplicate are all playing the powerful Planeswalker in the maindeck. Additionally, a number of Simic Flash decks are playing Magic: The Gathering's Oko, Thief of Crowns in the sideboard at the event.

mtg mythich championship 6 decks

All total, this means that 69% of the decks at MC6 are playing Oko, making the Thief of Crowns the third most-played non-land card at the tournament. As many fans would expect, the event's other top cards are Oko's supporting cast in Food-based strategies, with MTG's Once Upon a Time, Gilded Goose, Wicked Wolf, and Paradise Druid rounding out the list of the five most-played cards at Mythic Championship 6.

mtg mythich championship 6 cards

With respect to the Oko-less decks being played at MC6, Golgari Adventure is the strategy with the highest representation, taking 6.7% of the metagame share. From there, decks like Jeskai Fires, Temur Reclamation, and Azorious Control are all being played at a rate of around 2.5-4%, and there are a smattering of other strategies that are represented at under 2%. While these players deserve some commendation for shirking MTG Food decks for Mythic Championship 6, only time will tell if they are able to overcome a field so heavily dominated by the Thief of Crowns.

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Source: Wizards of the Coast