At the beginning of October, Wizards of the Coast announced Mystery Booster: Convention Edition packs, a brand new Magic: The Gathering product that will be used in special limited events at several upcoming MagicFests. The first of these MagicFests is the currently-ongoing MagicFest Richmond, and with this event now underway the question of exactly what MTG Mystery Booster: Convention Edition packs are has finally been answered.

Essentially, Magic: The Gathering Mystery Booster: Convention Edition packs are 15-card booster packs that contain cards from across the history of Magic: The Gathering. While a full list of the cards included in MTG Mystery Booster: Convention Edition packs is not currently available, they do contain desirable reprints like Mana Vault, and it is confirmed that they can have cards going at least as far back as 1996's Mirage set in them.

Additionally, there is some added spice in the Magic: The Gathering Mystery Booster: Convention Edition packs, as each features a very special playtest card. As the name suggests, the playtest cards are cards that appear to have been part of Wizards' R&D process but never made it into a set. The Mystery Booster: Convention Edition playtest cards that have thus far been revealed feature an array of wacky interactions and hitherto unseen MTG mechanics that are sure to make this limited environment quite wild.

With respect to the limited environment itself, it functions similarly to a Chaos Draft, a format where players build decks from a mishmash of different booster packs, with the playtest cards making things even more chaotic. Indeed, some of these playtest cards rival the outlandishness of cards that are found in Magic: The Gathering's Un- sets, and it will be interesting to see the role that they play in this very special limited format.

To note, there is a retail version of Mystery Boosters forthcoming, which will give players that do not plan to attend a MagicFest access to this new Magic: The Gathering product. That said, Wizards of the Coast has confirmed that the retail Mystery Boosters will not include the playtest cards described above, which means that players that are interested in playing with these special cards will need to find their way to a convention in order to do so.

The Magic: The Gathering Throne of Eldraine expansion set is available now.

Source: Blogatog