Last week, Wizards of the Coast surprised many Magic: The Gathering fans with the announcement of Pioneer, a brand new constructed format. Since this announcement, players have been busy trying to break the format with decks featuring some of the best cards in Pioneer, and indeed a number of powerful brews have begun to emerge. That said, some of the strongest cards currently in the format may not be around for much longer, as WotC has confirmed that the first Pioneer banned and restricted announcement is right around the corner.

Specifically, the first banned and restricted announcement that will impact Magic: The Gathering's Pioneer format will occur on Monday, November 4. This Pioneer B&R announcement will come only three days after the first Magic: The Gathering Online PTQ utilizing the new format occurs, and it is likely that Wizards will consider the results of this tournament when deciding what to announce on Monday.

To note, it is a very real possibility that this first MTG Pioneer ban announcement will not make any changes to the format. While some players are currently suggesting that cards like Dig Through Time and Treasure Cruise might be too strong, Magic: The Gathering's Pioneer format is still extremely new, and Wizards may want to collect more data on these powerful blue spells before banning them outright.

Additionally, the combination of Saheeli Rai and Felidar Guardian is another point of concern for some players. These two cards together create an infinite, game-winning combo that has the potential to warp Pioneer, and certain fans would like to see one of these cards banned before things get out of control. However, Wizards of the Coast has indicated that it plans to issue a Pioneer B&R announcement every Monday moving forward, which means that the combo could be addressed quickly even if it remains in tact through next week's announcement.

With respect to Wizards' overall philosophy on MTG Pioneer bans, it is said that they will be made "aggressively and off-cycle." The confirmation that the first ban announcement will occur next Monday is certainly aligned with that philosophy, and players that are looking for an alternative to Magic: The Gathering's Standard format are advised to be careful about how much money they invest into Pioneer while aggressive bannings are still taking place.

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