The swiss rounds at Magic: The Gathering's Mythic Championship 6 have now come to a close, and the top eight players have officially been locked. Considering that strategies featuring Oko, Thief of Crowns made up 69% of the Mythic Championship 6 metagame, it is unsurprising that six of the players in the top eight are playing the powerful Planeswalker, and the top eight decks from the event are as follows: 3 Simic Food, 3 Sultai Food, 1 Golgari Adventure, and 1 Selesnya Adventure.

While these results may not be extremely exciting for fans that turn to Magic: The Gathering's Mythic Championships for deckbuilding ideas, some players may still be curious about how various strategies performed throughout the event. With results from each of MC6's swiss rounds now available, it is possible to both determine each strategies' win percentage against the field and crown the best-performing decks of the tournament.

On that note, the best-performing deck at MTG's Mythic Championship 6 was Sultai Sacrifice with an overall win percentage of 67% and a positive record against every other deck in the field. For the uninitiated, Sultai Sacrifice shares many similarities with Sultai Food, playing cards like Oko, Thief of Crowns, Gilded Goose, and Once Upon a Time, but it features an additional sacrifice engine that is comprised of Cauldron Familiar, Witch's Oven, and Trail of Crumbs.

mtg mythic championship decks

The caveat here is that only 13 players brought Sultai Sacrifice to Magic's MC6, and thus only a small sample size is available. Therefore, while the players that chose to play this black-blue-green strategy at the tournament did do a lot of winning, the lack of data makes it difficult to recommend Sultai Sacrifice over the more popular Food strategies, which dominated MTG's Standard metagame both before and during Mythic Championship 6.

Indeed, Sultai Food, Simic Food, and Bant Food were the three most-played decks at Magic: The Gathering Mythic Championship 6, making up a cumulative 63% of the event's metagame. Additionally, these three decks were the best-performing strategies at the tournament after Sultai Sacrifice, and the Sultai variation of Food came out on top with a win rate of 53%. In many ways, Sultai Food is a deck specifically tuned to prey upon other Oko decks, with main deck Vraska, Golgari Queen and Noxious Grasp, and it is thus not surprising  to see it emerge as the winner.

mtg mythic championship decks

In summation, Sultai Sacrifice is technically the best-performing deck of Mythic Championship 6, but the Food decks certainly lived up to the hype that led so many players to register them for the event. As such, players that are looking to win are advised to stick with Food, at least until the next Magic: The Gathering banned and restricted announcement occurs on November 18.

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Source: MTGGoldfish, Wizards of the Coast