As if anyone needed any more reason to be excited about Luigi's Mansion 3, a player on twitch has found an all new reason to start playing while celebrating Halloween. According to a clip from Twitch streamer Vinesauce, it is possible to pet the dog in Luigi's Mansion 3 from very early on in the game.

The Polterpup is a ghost dog from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, who Luigi befriends and adopts at the end of the game. Luigi's Mansion 3 marks Polterpup's first appearance since Dark Moon, outside of being a Super Smash Bros trophy and spirit.

For players looking to get everything they can out of Nintendo's latest release, make sure to track down Luigi's ghost dog and give him some well deserved pets to calm his nerves before everything starts going crazy. Once Luigi pets Polterpup, the player is also rewarded with an happy bark and some excited licks to the face, which they'll need for moral support on the 18 hour long journey through a haunted hotel. Luigi will also pet Polterpup during the opening scene in which the group drives up to the hotel that the game takes place in, reminding players not to forget to give the ghost dog the attention he deserves.

This little Easter Egg is nothing more than an adorable little interaction early on in the game, but petting dogs in games has become something players have fawned over so much recently that an entire Twitter account has been dedicated to track every pet-able dog in gaming. However, Polterpup will be relevant in later moments in the game, so those pets aren't for nothing, even if players can't team up with him to fight ghosts. Although, players can play with other players instead.

For players looking for a new title to play on their Switch, Luigi's Mansion 3 has been earning high praise from reviewers, with fun new mechanics like Gooigi and the slam to craft unique gameplay within the Luigi's Mansion formula.

Luigi's Mansion 3 is available now on Switch.

Source: Reddit