Luigi’s Mansion 3 is coming in a few days, and it looks like a great fit for players who like their Halloween games as silly as they are spooky. Six years have passed since the series starring Mario’s younger brother as a frightened ghostbuster last graced a Nintendo system, so fans are going to want to dive into it as soon as possible, and some may be curious about how long the game will take to beat. Fortunately, several publications have been able to play Luigi’s Mansion 3 early and have given fans an idea of its length.

When compared to the Nintendo GameCube original and its 3DS sequel, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is rather massive. Its vast hotel setting, with its various locations, offers plenty in the way of secrets to uncover and collectibles to find, and early reviewers like GameSpot and Kotaku suggest it takes around 17-18 hours to reach the end of the main story. By comparison, Dark Moon’s story takes players around 14 hours to complete on average, while the first game only takes half that amount of time.

It is worth emphasizing that this is just the amount of time that it takes to get to the end of the main story. Kotaku estimates that with all of the extras to track down, like gems and Boos, players could probably get another five hours out of the game. However, it is possible that completion times will be less for players that decide to play Luigi’s Mansion 3 in co-op.

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That would be a respectable amount of content by itself, but that’s not all the game comes with. Filling things out even further is its multiplayer modes, which includes a spruced-up version of Dark Moon’s ScareScraper mode. In this mode, players work together to clear out the floors of a ghost-filled skyscraper, and there is also the new ScreamPark mode that has players split into teams to compete in various mini-games.

What’s more, Nintendo will be adding new content for Luigi's Mansion 3's multiplayer modes as paid DLC. Exactly when these will be released is not currently known, but it goes to show that fans have plenty to look forward to down the line.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 comes out on October 31 for the Switch.

Source: GameSpot (Via: Kotaku)