Back in the summer of 2018, controversial YouTube personalities Logan Paul and KSI fought each other in a boxing match that had WWE-style buildup and drew significant attention from the mainstream media. The fight ended in a draw, leaving the door wide open for a Logan Paul vs. KSI 2 fight to determine a clear victor. Now the Logan Paul vs. KSI 2 fight has come to an end, with KSI declared the winner by split decision.

Referee Jack Reiss ruled a two-point deduction for Paul after he hit KSI when he was down in Round 4 of Logan Paul vs. KSI 2. Two judges scored in favor of KSI (57-54, and 56-55), whereas one scored in favor of Paul (56-55). Paul has said that he would like to contest the commission in regards to the two point deduction. "I let emotions get the best of me but I will say, no warning and I get two points taken away from me? That's why I lost tonight. Do the math. I would like to contest the commission because I did not receive a warning. I don't think that was fair at all."

While Paul may have a genuine argument there, another claim he made after the bout has been met with some criticism online. "I think nine out of 10 times, I beat [KSI]. Tonight was the night, that one out of 10 times. You can hear my voice, I'm sick, I woke up sick. I've been sick for the past three days. The first thing I did this morning was sneezed three times."

This excuse has drawn the ire of some on Twitter, who have proceeded to mock Paul as a result.

While fans may have continued to mock Paul, it seems as though the rivalry between him and KSI is at an end. Paul left the door open for a third match between the two, but KSI has said that he's done and suggested that Paul pursue MMA. "You can do MMA. You should fight CM Punk, that would be pretty funny for you." After the fight, KSI and Paul both showed respect to each other and embraced to really bury the hatchet.

It's unclear what's next for Logan Paul, but it will be interesting to see to say the least.

Source: Dexerto, CBS Sports