To celebrate League of Legends' 10th anniversary, Riot Games recently revealed a number of exciting announcements for long-time fans, among them being a new card game based on the popular MOBA titled Legends of Runeterra. With a similar design to Blizzard's Hearthstone, the game is technically already available in beta form. So far, some select streamers have been fortunate enough to be given access to the beta, which no doubt leaves some fans frustrated that they can't try out the game now. However, there is a way for average players to get their hands on the beta at this moment.

If a player wants a chance to see what this new game is like, they can pre-register to gain access to it by simply going to the official Legends of Runeterra website and signing up with their Riot account. Even those that don't have accounts yet because they haven't played League of Legends can just make an account of their own.

However, this doesn't completely guarantee access and Riot hasn't stated how many players will be able to play the beta but, according to the sign-up site, players can increase their chances by either playing League of Legends or watching gameplay of Legends of Runeterra on Twitch. Those who choose to watch Twitch streams will need to link their Twitch accounts with their Riot accounts in order to receive credit, which can be done under the Connections tab in the account settings.

Riot no doubt hopes to expand LoL's popularity with this card game, as well as its upcoming fighting game (currently dubbed Project L) and console and mobile ports. The MOBA has remained a PC exclusive for the last 10 years so it making the jump to other systems is a big deal, though apparently the ports will have some slight differences so as to make the game more suitable for the respective platforms.

Unrelated to LoL, it seems Riot want to expand into new territory with its Project A, a tactical FPS set on a near future Earth. This title seems to act as a mix between Overwatch and Counter-Strike. Considering that the company has only ever worked on LoL and titles related to it, it's certainly surprising to seem it tackle completely new ground.

It's not all good news, though, as the company recently filed a lawsuit against a relatively new and small esports organization called Riot Squad, accusing it of knowingly infringing on Riot Game's trademark. At the time of writing, the lawsuit has yet to go to court.

Legends of Runeterra is currently scheduled to release on PC and mobile devices in 2020.

Source: Dexerto