Pop star Lady Gaga disses Fortnite streamer Ninja after she tweeted asking what Fortnite is. Gaga's tweet about "Fortnight" quickly became a meme, getting hundreds of thousands of retweets and funny responses from those who joked that it's the length of their longest relationship to those who'd created GIFs of Gaga in the game.

Ninja quickly responded to Lady Gaga's Fortnite tweet, using her song titles to tell her to "Call me on the Telephone. I'll give you a Million Reasons to play. You and I." Lady Gaga didn't find it very amusing, though, as she responded to Ninja to say "who are you" which is about as scalding as a three word tweet can be.

A few of Gaga's followers and Ninja's fans had some explanations ready for her. YouTuber and Twitch streamer Carson said that Ninja is his "best friend" and posted a PhotoShopped image of himself next to the Fortnite player, others called Ninja "Mr Fortnite" and the Xbox Twitter account called him "the Fortnight guy." Ninja was also ready with a red hot response, telling Gaga to "ask Drake," the Grammy award winning rapper who Ninja played Fortnite with on Twitch.

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happy birthday @champagnepapi

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While Ninja's response was pretty funny, Lady Gaga then fired back on Instagram. Without tagging Ninja, Lady Gaga said "happy birthday" to Drake by sharing a photo of the two of them at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards where she wore her famous meat dress. In the photo, Drake can be seen trying to take a bite out of the raw meat purse that Gaga is holding in her hand. Drake, who calls himself "October's very own" doesn't celebrate his birthday for another week, on October 24, but it seems that Gaga couldn't resist reminding everyone that she and the rapper are friends.

Lady Gaga getting into a Twitter feud with a Fortnite streamer is about as surprising as it gets and while the pint-sized pop star did have a reason to tweet about Fortnite, as it trended because of the Fortnite black hole, some are saying that this came out of nowhere. Some have also suggested that Lady Gaga and Ninja are about to play Fortnite together the way that Ninja with with Marshmello in the Celebrity Pro-Am tournament or that she's going to hold a concert in the game, which is something that Marshmello has also done. Nothing has been confirmed, though.

Fortnite is out now for iOS, Android, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.