With less than a month to go until Black Friday, it's no surprise that consumers are beginning to wonder which stores will be offering them the bast bang for their buck. The Black Friday flyer for Kohl's has been discovered and shared by prominent industry leaker Wario64, revealing several console-based doorbuster bundles that might be of interest to consumers looking for new hardware.

The official Kohl's flyer indicates that the store will run sales for each of the big three consoles. The PlayStation 4 bundle features a 1TB slim PS4 and a controller with 2,000 Fortnite V-Bucks for $199.99, which is a hundred dollars off of the usual price. It's the same price as the Xbox One S bundle, which includes a 1TB white Xbox One S, a controller, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Kohl's will also have the Xbox One X in a bundle with NBA 2K20 for $349.99. Individual PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers prices will also be slashed to $39.99, but with a price like that they're expected to go quickly.

Nintendo fans aren't being left out either, even if the Nintendo sale is less drastic: consumers who enter Kohl's during the Black Friday promotion will be able to pick up a Nintendo Switch with a carrying case $319.99, which is $30 off the regular Kohl's price for Nintendo's portable console. Gamers looking to stock up on nostalgia will also find that select retro game consoles like the Sega Genesis Mini will be 25% off come the big shopping day.

The store is also having a simultaneous in-store currency promotion that will be in effect on Black Friday: consumers will get $15 of the in-store currency for every $50 they spent between November 30 and December 9. They can then apply that currency against a future purchase (up to a limit of $1,500), though this in-store currency does have an expiration date.

Of course, Kohl's is far from the only retailer to have its Black Friday flyer out in the beginning of the month so consumers can have an early look at offerings. For those looking to jump head-first into the blockbuster sales day, here's all one needs to know about Black Friday shopping. Kohl's will feature some sales beginning on Thursday, with stores opening bright and early at 5:00AM.