With the start of November, retailers are already looking toward Black Friday at the end of the month. Kohl's, for example, is ahead of the game. Today the retail chain released its finished Black Friday ad, filled with 66 pages of discounts and deals. The ad features sales on toys, jewelry, electronics and more. Video games are surprisingly absent from the ad, but video game consoles are featured. Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One all have doorbuster sales planned for Black Friday.

The PlayStation 4 doorbuster is for the console's Fortnite Neo Versa bundle. The bundle retails for $299.99 but will be discounted to $199.99 for Black Friday. Not only is it 33% off, but Kohl's will also provide $60 in Kohl's Cash with purchase. The PS4 Slim 1TB Fortnite Neo Versa gaming bundle includes a standard jet black PS4 Slim console and controller, as well as 2,000 Fortnite V-Bucks.

The Xbox One S bundle is similar to the PS4 bundle in many regards. However, instead of Fortnite, the Xbox One S bundle includes the brand new game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. It too retails for $299.99, but will be discounted 33% down to $199.99. It too will be bundled with an additional $60 in Kohl's Cash. Otherwise, the bundle features a standard Xbox One S 1TB console and a standard controller.

The Nintendo Switch bundle is particularly interesting. It actually isn't discounted below standard retail pricing. For $319.99, the Nintendo Switch doorbuster includes a standard Nintendo Switch, as well as a Nintendo Switch carrying case and charging dock. In effect, buyers will be receiving a $50 Nintendo Switch starter kit with both the carrying case and charging dock for $20, while still paying full price for the standard Nintendo Switch. However, the real bonus is in the bonus $90 of Kohl's Cash.

kohl's black friday door buster

There are a handful of other video game-related Doorbusters for Black Friday beyond the three core console sales. Kohl's will be selling an Xbox One X bundle featuring NBA 2K20 for $349.999, which includes a bonus $105 Kohl's Cash. A PlayStation VR bundle featuring Astro Bot and Moss will cost $199.99, with a bonus of $60 Kohl's Cash. PS4 and Xbox One wireless controllers will also be on sale for $39.99, discounted from $59.99.

For Kohl's Doorbuster hunters, Black Friday will be starting early this year. Doorbusters will go on sale on Thursday, the day of Thanksgiving, with stores opening at 5:00 am. The sales will last until stock is gone or until 1:00 pm on Black Friday, November 29.

Kohl's has hundreds of  other items on sale, as well as a coupon for 15% off all purchases that lasts from November 25 through November 29. Black Friday shoppers can check out the full Kohl's Black Friday advertisement on the Kohl's official website.