PlayStation has dropped another huge sale on a wide range of games as a celebration for Halloween, offering some of the best horror games on the system for up to 85% off.

The games available range from creepy, crawly mysteries, to popular shooters, so even if scary isn't a players cup of tea, there's plenty available for every player to get behind during the PlayStation Halloween sale.

Some notable entries on PlayStation's Halloween lineup include Lovecraftian horror heavy hitters The Sinking City at $41.99 for the Standard Edition or $52.70 for the Necronomicon Edition, reducing both prices by 30%, and Call of Cthulhu at $11.99, offering shoppers savings of 70% for the title. Both titles released as some of the most anticipated horror games of their respective years, and even with the mixed reviews each received on release, there's never been a better time to check them out and let the players decide how they feel for themselves.

• Purchase The Sinking City for $41.99 here

• Purchase Call of Cthulhu for $11.99 here

Another huge game to take a price drop for Halloween is the Resident Evil 2 remake that released earlier this year. With a new price of 29.99, PlayStation is offering players 50% off the dutifully rendered horror classic. The game released at first with a timed demo and exploded onto the horror genre when it finally hit store shelves, gaining so much notoriety that Capcom has decided to give it a crossover event with Monster Hunter World in November.

• Purchase Resident Evil 2 for $29.99 here

Some other horror games in the sale include:

Alien: Isolation - The Collection - $15.99 (60% off)

Prey: Deluxe Edition - $19.99 (50% off)

Bioshock: The Collection - $14.99 (70% off)

Black Mirror - $5.99 (85% off)

Home - A Unique Horror Adventure - $2.49 (50% off)

Metro Exodus - $29.99 (50% off)

The Evil Within 2 - $19.79 (67% off)

Vampyr - $14.99 (75% off)

We Happy Few - $29.99 (50% off)

The full list of games is available on the PlayStation Store here.

With so many games arriving on discount, some of which ranking as the highest rated horror games of the year, there are loads of options out there for players looking to expand their horror catalog.

With Halloween coming soon, a number of these games are sure to be perfect for setting the spooky mood. Although, there are more than just horror games on sale, offering options for players of all genres as well. The sale will be live until November 1st, at which point these games will be going back to their standard price, so customers should act fast if they want to grab these deals while they can.

Source: PlayStation Store