A recent interview with Pokemon Sword and Shield director Shigeru Ohmori and producer Junichi Masuda reveals more about the soon-to-come RPG, including the Surprise Trade system. The Surprise Trade system will be similar to the Wonder Trade system from previous Pokemon titles, but with a few key differences.

As Pokemon Sword and Shield has neared its November release date, fans have been anxious for more information on the next generation of games. While some of the changes have been controversial, the tweaks made to the Surprise Trade system aren't likely to ruffle any feathers.

In an interview with IGN, Ohmori spoke more about the new Surprise Trade system. It's similar to the Wonder Trade system from Pokemon X and Y and Pokemon Sun and Moon, but there are a few tweaks to make it different. Ohmori explains that with the Suprise Trade system,“You choose a Pokemon and then, while you're adventuring, it will be traded with someone from around the world.” The Wonder Trade system was instead instantaneous, and the Surprise Trade seems to be more of a passive feature.

It's hard to tell how these changes will affect some of the problems with the Wonder Trade system. While there is some fun in the random nature of Wonder Trade, the excitement quickly diminishes when players continuously get the same Route 1, easy to catch Pokemon. Users of Wonder Trades generally want to exchange their common catches for a rare legendary, which floods the system with unfulfilling trades. Whether the Surprise Trade system will alleviate this is yet to be seen. Perhaps some generous players will want to trade some Sword or Shield version exclusive Pokemon with Surprise Trades?

pokemon route 1 town screenshot

Game Freak has been under fire for a number of changes to the latest Pokemon titles, including the changes made to Pokemon Sword and Shield's EXP Share. Recent interviews with director Ohmori seem to be assuaging fears about the changes to the new generation of games in the last few weeks before release.

However, not every change has been a bad one, like there being a way to skip the tutorial in Pokemon Sword and Shield. How well all the changes are implemented probably won't be seen until November.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will release on November 15 on the Switch.

Source: IGN