Another Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield leak released today, revealing the full Galar-region Pokedex to the public. The Pokedex clocks in at a whopping 400 Pokemon exactly. This puts the Galar-region Pokedex at a little under half the total number of Pokemon in existence, which is 899, with all of Galar's new additions taken into consideration. The Galar region brings 90 new Pokemon to the table by itself, an "okay" standard compared to the other regions.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be the first-ever, generation-introducing Pokemon games to make their way to a home console system (the Nintendo Switch). To mark the occasion, Game Freak plans to pluck from all of the current generations and mix the selected Pokemon with all the brand new ones that will be introduced within Sword and Shield.

With 90 new additions, the Galar Region will take third place for the least amount of new Pokemon introduced by a generation. The previous generation to Sword and Shield, Gen 7, the Alola region of Sun and Moon takes second place with 88 new additions, and Gen 6, the Kalos region of X and Y, takes first place with only 72 new additions. These three regions are the only ones to clock in under 100 Pokemon. Kalos and Alola may not be able to offer as big of a pool of Pokemon to Galar as the other regions, but they still lend 32 and 36 of their Pokemon, respectively.

pokemon sword and shield pokedex size

The other four generations have a bit more to play with. In order from least to greatest, Gen 2, the Johto region of Gold and Silver, introduced 100 Pokemon. Gen 4, the Sinnoh region of Diamond and Pearl, introduced 107 Pokemon. Gen 3, the Hoenn region of Ruby and Sapphire, introduced 135. Gen 1, the Kanto region of Red and Blue, introduced the original 151, and Gen 5, the Unova region of Black and White, introduced the most Pokemon with 156. Even though their pools are bigger, none of the generations outside of 1 and 5 give many more Pokemon than Kalos and Alola. Johto offers 33; Sinnoh offers 38; Hoenn offers 42; Kanto offers 55, and Unova offers 85 (five away from the entirety of what Galar brings to the table).

By and large, it looks like Gen 1 and Gen 5 will receive the most representation in Sword and Shield, which isn't very surprising. Gen 1 holds the most recognizable Pokemon of them all, and Gen 5 is where a lot of new and now current Pokemon trainers started down their journeys. It is unfortunate that Game Freak couldn't bring all 899 Pokemon to this home-console party, but here's hoping that something down the line will come along to rectify that.

Source: Centro Leaks/Twitter