Horizon Zero Dawn 2 could be a PlayStation 5 launch title, suggest several new job listings posted by developer Guerrilla Games. Fans have been asking for a new game since the first one released and some have come up with lists of things they'd like to see from Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

Guerrilla Games has posted several new job listings between September and October that hint that things are moving quickly on development of its next game. On LinkedIn, the company has 16 open job positions with several having been posted in the last week. Three days ago, the Horizon Zero Dawn developer began looking for a Java developer who would, "among other things" help to create the game's animation system, physics engine integration, and the networking layer.

Guerrilla has also been looking for a senior / principal quest designer for a week, with the hired candidate set to "build exciting, challenging gameplay spaces that help tell powerful stories in a rich, dynamic open world." The other jobs, many of which were posted in September, are for producing, designing, and art roles.

rumor horizon zero dawn 2 coming to ps5 in 2021

The job listings all speak about an "unannounced game" from Guerrilla Games, which seems incredibly likely to be Horizon Zero Dawn 2. One reason for this is that a voice actor for the first game let slip that she knows "some secrets" about Horizon Zero Dawn 2, also revealing that the new game looks "incredible." The voice actor, Janina Gavankar, didn't share any other details about the new game, but this confirms that the game is in development.

Guerrilla has also been working on an unannounced RPG for more than a year now. Last year, other job listings posted by the company revealed that it is working on a role-playing game. The company was looking for writers to come and write about factions, quests and more, which are all an important part of Horizon Zero Dawn.

If Guerrilla is working on Horizon Zero Dawn 2, then the game may well be ready for the PS5 release, as the console is set to launch in holiday 2020. Rumors had suggested that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is being readied as a PS5 exclusive for 2021. However, if Guerrilla Games is quickly growing its team, the new developers could potentially make it so that the game will be available as a PS5 launch title.

Source: LinkedIn