Guerrilla Games has posted a new job opening that suggests that there may be a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn coming at some point in the future. With the original Horizon Zero Dawn releasing nearly three years ago, not much information has been released for the series after the Frozen Wilds DLC late 2017.

The specific job posting is for a Technical Vegetation Artist, a team member who will be developing the different kinds of foliage that drapes over the open world. Vegetation was a large part of the first game's stealth and combat mechanics that worked directly with Horizon's fantastic weapons, so this position will likely have a large workload attached to it within the team working on the sequel.

What stands out in Guerrilla's posting is how it specifically mentions the "world of Horizon" as a focus for the position. Currently, there are no more DLC expansions expected for Horizon, nor would it be expected for a game from 2017 to get additional content so late in its life, although there may be a rumored PSVR adaptation in the works. This has drawn most onlookers to assume that the game this new Technical Vegetation Artist is expected to work on will be a sequel as opposed to any extra content for the original.

It should come as little surprise that a sequel is being developed, considering that the first Horizon ended on a massive cliffhanger, luring players to anticipate what comes next and see what additional amazing machines the Horizon series has to offer. However, with little information coming from Guerrilla on the next title in the series, development has been nothing more than speculation up until now. This job posting has now confirmed that a sequel is currently in the works, although that does still leave the topic of release window up for debate.

It is entirely possible that Horizon 2 will release as a PS5 launch title or as a PS4 title with PS5 enhancement available. The original game released around the start of the PS4 Pro's lifetime with Pro enhancements used as a major selling point for the game and the new system, so there is some merit to this speculation, although releasing as a PS5 launch title is also possible.

Horizon Zero Dawn is available now on the PS4

Source: Guerilla Games Job Board (via GamesRadar)