The recent release of Death Stranding has divided many over its cinematic nature and otherwise odd qualities, earning it praise from some and criticism from others. Game director Hideo Kojima, known for releasing unusual titles with complicated plots, responded to the idea of Death Stranding getting negative review scores.

Hideo Kojima has spoken with many outlets regarding Death Stranding, including Italian publication Tgcom24. In the interview, he had blamed American reviews of Death Stranding on their liking of first-person shooters.

In a separate interview with PlayStation Access, which took place following the release of review scores, Kojima also commented on the idea of getting both positive and negative review scores. He had indicated that Death Stranding's uniqueness and innovation is what would cause the divide.

"I believe there will be positive and negative reactions," said Kojima. "This happens when you try to do something new, even in movies or games. If people are faced with something they haven't experienced before, it can be challenging."

Kojima went on to say that entering the stealth genre had divided critics and audiences in the same manner. However, he hopes that positivity and good reactions from the fans will eventually establish Death Stranding as "a new standard." At the point, Kojima predicts that he will "try and create something new again."

These comments sound fairly accurate. Traditionally, gamers have either admired games from Hideo Kojima or shown indifference toward them. However, some have also expressed frustration at the excessive cinematic quality of his games, as well as some of the weirder elements, such as Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty's plot involving Raiden as possibly being part of a simulation. Suffice it to say that Kojima's works are complex but very eclectic.

Death Stranding appears to display some of the same, weird qualities of the Metal Gear Solid series with odd mechanics such as peeing, which can possibly unlock items for players. For Kojima fans out there, Death Stranding seems to exhibit many Kojima qualities. As such, admirers of the seasoned game developer should have some idea of what they're getting into if they decide to purchase the game.

Death Stranding is currently available on PlayStation 4, with a PC release coming in the summer of 2020.