The Outer Worlds recently launched to strong reviews, with many praising it as a solid alternative to Fallout. However, there are some things missing from The Outer Worlds that seems to have left certain fans disappointed. More specifically, The Outer Worlds' lack of romance options has been met with a bit of negativity, though the developers explained quite awhile ago why they wouldn't be in the game.

It was revealed last year that The Outer Worlds wouldn't have romance options because romance quests are "hard and involve a lot of work." Basically, Obsidian Entertainment wanted to focus its reimgs on other aspects of the game instead of spending time developing The Outer Worlds romance options. While some may find this answer to be unsatisfying, at least they have some clarification on the matter.

But while The Outer Worlds may not have romance options, the game does still let players flirt with various characters in the game. Dialogue options let players flirt with some of their Outer Worlds companions, as well as other characters that they may encounter on their adventures. Nothing significant comes from this, but for some players, it may be better than nothing.

Perhaps a potential Outer Worlds sequel will introduce romance options. Obsidian Entertainment was recently acquired by Microsoft, and it's been suggested that The Outer Worlds sequels could be exclusive to PC and Xbox. This would theoretically mean that Obsidian would have significantly more reimgs at its disposal than before the Microsoft acquisition, allowing it to add extra features like romance options.

Of course, for an Outer Worlds sequel to happen, the first game needs to sell well. No sales information has been released for The Outer Worlds so far, but reviews for the game have been largely positive, as has fan reception. Sometimes critical success doesn't translate into sales success, but hopefully that's not the case with The Outer Worlds.

Obsidian is hiring new talent to work on an RPG, so maybe it's already started work on The Outer Worlds 2. Fans will just have to wait and find out.

The Outer Worlds is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Switch version also in development.