Controversial Internet personality Belle Delphine disappeared from social media at the beginning of August. Then there was a recent H3H3 podcast where the hosts theorized that Delphine's disappearance may be because she was arrested. Not long after that podcast aired, Delphine posted what she claimed to be a mugshot on Twitter, seemingly confirming the theory that she was arrested.

Internet sleuths have been unable to find Belle Delphine's mugshot online anywhere beyond her Twitter page, which has led many to assume that her arrest is a hoax. However, Delphine has since tweeted again, offering a reason as to why she was arrested.

According to Delphine, she had a party at her house, and she saw a girl steal her pet hamster. Delphine confronted the girl about stealing the hamster over text message, but the girl denied it, despite multiple people seeing it happen. Someone else then got the girl to confess, and so Delphine vandalized the girls' car with spray paint. Delphine said she was arrested for the vandalism, but she got her pet hamster back.

belle delphine mugshot

Delphine posted images of the vandalized car on her Twitter, but there is still no other evidence that an arrest actually took place. If Delphine was arrested, it would be a part of public record, but no corroborating evidence has been found. It's quite possible that Delphine is making all this up to increase her Internet notoriety, and until more evidence reveals itself, fans should treat her claims with a healthy amount of skepticism.

Delphine faking an arrest would be far from the first bizarre stunt the social media personality has pulled. The most famous example is when Delphine sold her used bath water, advertising it as "Gamer Girl Bath Water." While some may question why anyone would want such a product, it turned out to be quite the hit, to the point that Delphine sold out of her stock of used bath water.

Whether or not Delphine's arrest is legitimate is up for debate. Her past behavior certainly casts doubt on the whole thing, but time will tell. In future, those who follow Delphine can expect her to do other strange things to make headlines, as that seems to be the driving force of her brand.