Halloween is coming to Hearthstone, as Blizzard has announced the card game's upcoming holiday event - Doom in the Tomb. The limited-time community event is scheduled to fill three weeks of October, leading up to Halloween itself. Each week will feature new ways to play Hearthstone, new exciting rewards, and plenty of spooky Halloween fun. Players interested in joining in on the festivities can check out the first week of Doom in the Tomb starting October 8 at 10:00 am PT.

Doom in the Tomb starts by reintroducing a variety of spooky Wild Cards back into Standard Play. Ragnaros the Firelord, Varian Wrynn, Emperor Thaurissan, Lightbomb, Evolve, and more will be shaking up Hearthstone for all Halloween. 23 cards in total will be made available, many of which are frustratingly strong cards. So to make sure there's a fair playing field, all 23 cards will be unlocked for free for the duration of Doom in the Tomb. No, they can't be disenchanted.

As for the weekly Halloween events, players will be tasked to complete unique Tavern Brawls. Beginning October 8, the Legends of the Haunted Temple dungeon run Brawl opens. Challenges for week one will reward a Rastakhan's Rumble Card Pack and a Golden Ancient Mysteries card. Week two's brawl puts players into the role of Reno Jackson and can reward a Golden Temple Berserk and a Golden Generous Mummy. Week 3's Brawl, the Haunted Carousel, can reward a Rise of Shadows Card Pack.

There's still more fun to be found on the Doom in the Tomb event. For the event's full duration, Dual-Class Arenas will return. Whenever a player starts an Arena run they'll choose a Hero and a Hero Power separately, and then will draft cards from both of those respective classes. So that Hearthstone players can make the most of the event, Week 1 and Week 2 of Doom in the Tomb will give out an Arena Ticket as a login bonus.

There's even more to the Doom in the Tomb Halloween event, too. Blizzard will be offering two bundles of card packs, one with 20 Rise of Shadows packs and the other with 20 Saviors of Uldum packs, for a discounted price of $19.99 apiece. They both come with a random Legendary card for their respective packs, too. Login quests have been also been buffed with the Halloween spirit. Just logging in at all during the event rewards 5 card packs, but there's also the main weekly Legendary Doom in the Tomb quest to complete, which can reward card packs or gold.

The Hearthstone Doom in the Tomb Halloween event will last from October 8 through October 30.

Hearthstone is available now on PC and mobile devices.