Last week, Hasbro announced Monopoly: Longest Game Ever, a version of the popular board game that can take hours, even days, to complete. Now, Hasbro has announced a version that has entirely different goals called Monopoly: Speed.

Monopoly: Speed has rules in place that make it so the game ends in ten minutes or less. Instead of taking turns to buy and trade properties, this takes place in timed rounds. Community Chest cards offer bonuses at the end of the game.

Each game of Monopoly: Speed lasts only about ten minutes, so it's great for anyone that doesn't want to take a lot of time but wants to play the classic board game. This is more unique than something like Skyrim Monopoly, which is only a reskinned version of the board game.

Even the box is tilted, presumably to give the impression that Hasbro had to print the game so face that things came out slanted. This version of Monopoly is available exclusively from Target who has a number of other Black Friday sales for gamers to look at.

monopoly speed edition board set up

If nothing else, Hasbro seems content on releasing all sorts of novelty versions of Monopoly to grab more sales. Ms. Monopoly was a statement on gender inequality, while other versions like Monopoly for Millenials don't include property to buy. They may seem like odd versions of the game, but The Longest Game Ever is already on back-order.

Unlike a lot of these novelty variations, though, it's probably a lot easier to convince people to play Monopoly: Speed. With a game lasting only ten minutes, it's a lot harder to say no than the average game of Monopoly.

Monopoly: Speed is available to purchase now at Target.