Despite the book series ending well over a decade ago, the Harry Potter franchise is still alive and well in 2019. Warner Bros. Entertainment and more specifically, WB Games have announced a new RPG game for mobile that's set in the wizarding world, called Harry Potter: Magic Awakened. However, it's not the leaked Harry Potter RPG and it will only be available in China.

Up until this new announcement, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened was previously believed to be one of the potential titles for the leaked Harry Potter RPG alongside Magic Forever. Footage for the leaked RPG first surfaced online in October 2018, showing off an open-world RPG set over a century before the events of the Harry Potter series.

Developed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Chinese tech company Netease, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is an RPG card-game that's releasing exclusively on mobile devices in China. Magic Awakened will release under Warner Bros. Portkey Games banner, with pre-reservation available on the games website.

Taking place a "few years after the Second Wizarding World War" i.e. post-Voldemort, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened will give players the chance to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a freshman. "In the game, as the player grows, players can learn new spells, get to know more outstanding companions, and use their magic knowledge to design unique strategies and spell combinations, master the way and timing of the spell release. To deal with the increasingly difficult trials and the increasingly stimulating wizard matchups," the description reads.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened

The Harry Potter franchise has found a lot of success on mobile in recent years with the release of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and Wizards Unite, both produced by Portkey Games. Portkey Games was created specifically to create mobile games in the Harry Potter Wizarding World and considering the influence of a company like NetEase, it's no surprise that China would get an exclusive game developed for that culture.

While the original imgs that claimed the name Harry Potter: Magic Awakened were correct to a certain degree, it's still very disappointing that we are no closer to learning anything new about the leaked Harry Potter console RPG. Especially when Warner Bros. has made no indication as to whether or not Magic Awakened will ever make its way to other countries.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened pre-registration is open now for iOS and Android, exclusively in China.