Though fans may never get to see Peter Jackson's Halo movie, Showtime's television series is gaining more and more momentum as it's been recently announced that two more major characters have been cast: Captain Jacob Keyes and his daughter, Miranda Keyes.

David Sapani from Penny Dreadful fame will be playing Jacob Keyes, one of the most brilliant tacticians in the UNSC Navy and commander of the Pillar of Autumn. Olive Gray (from Half Moon Investigations) has been cast as Dr. Miranda Keyes, his daughter and fellow commander in the UNSC Navy. Fans may remember that Miranda didn't show up until Halo 2, after the demise of her father, so this will be the first time fans get to see their relationship together on screen.

The rest of Halo's main cast had been announced earlier this year, with Natasha McElhone (Californication) playing both Dr. Catherine Halsey (Miranda Keyes' mother) and everyone's favorite advanced AI, Cortana. Also appearing in the show will be Emmy-nominated actor Bokeem Woodbine (from the second season of Fargo) as Soren-066, a candidate in the SPARTAN-II program featured in the short story Pariah. And finally, there is Pablo Schreiber (Orange is the New Black, American Gods) as the Master Chief, or John-117 as he'll be referred to in the show.

Not much has been revealed in terms of plot, but given the list of badass characters being cast for Halo (including several other SPARTAN-II candidates), it's clear this series will take place before the first game. The war with the Covenant is a plot point with several characters, and it's very possible Master Chief's origins will be explored in this new series. It's been theorized that this series might adapt the Halo novel Fall of Reach, but nothing's been confirmed.

halo tv show casts major characters

Showtime president Gary Levine assured fans that the series will stay faithful to the Halo franchise and that "We're not going to violate anything that's in the canon." However, there's already rumors that the series might show Master Chief's face, so who knows how faithful Showtime's actually going to be. There are certainly many things fans want to see in a Halo TV series, faithfulness to the original img material most of all.

Showtime is calling the Halo show its most "ambitious series ever" and is partnering up with 343 Industries and Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment to create it. Otto Bathurst, who's worked as director on Black Mirror and Peaky Blinders, will direct and executive produce the Halo series. He replaced director Rupert Wyatt (The Escapist, Rise of the Planet of the Apes) who left the project back in December of 2018.

The Halo series is set to debut in 2021 on Showtime and is starting production in Budapest later this year.

Source: IGN