With the launch of Halo Reach, 343 Industries is upgrading the game's seasonal progression system and tying it into the entirety of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. In a lengthy dev update from 343 Industries, the progression system was discussed at length. 343 talked about improvements that are being made to the existing Halo Reach Seasonal structure, but also how the system is being extended across all Halo games in The Master Chief Collection and how that will work.

343's plans for its seasonal progression system, a battle pass of sorts, starts with Halo Reach. The system is both a replacement of Halo Reach's Xbox 360 seasonal system and a feature that ill be implemented across the entirety of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It's a simple system to start, in that Halo Reach players will earn experience for playing multiplayer matches and earning badges. As experience is earned, players will earn Season Points, which can be spent to unlock cosmetics.

To start, 343 goes into how this system has evolved over the Halo Reach beta period. For one, 343 Industries is increasing experience earned across the board, so that players can unlock all seasonal items "within a reasonable time frame and in far less time than it took to earn them all in Halo Reach on the 360." 343 is also going out of its way to ensure all Halo Reach content, from pre-order content to limited-time grants, will be available to unlock. 343 even teases that it's "digging through the vault" for more fun surprises.

With relation to Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the first season progression is going to be focused on Halo Reach. It's unclear whether future seasons will also tie into Halo Reach, but they will for sure include other Halo games in the collection. Here's where it gets a little confusing. 343 says that "You will be able to earn season points across multiple titles, even if the season is not themed for that title." This assumedly means that even if the current season is Halo Reach focused, players can earn experience for it while playing another Halo game.

halo reach season rewards

One final detail that will be important in future Halo: The Master Chief Collection seasons is that the method of acquiring experience will be changing. As noted, experience is earned through match completions and badges in Halo Reach's first season. In future seasons, 343 will be adding new methods of earning experience. Specifically mentioned is a new challenges system, which is probably similar to what Apex Legends has done. Expect to hear more information about the future Halo: The Master Chief Collection's progression system plans going forward.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection launched on PC starting December 3 with the release of Halo Reach.