Often, gamers will place restrictions on themselves while playing their favorite games for challenge runs. Normally, this can include things like no healing or conserving as much ammo as possible, or even something like this Pokemon Sword and Shield solo-Wooloo playthrough. What streamer Super Louis 64 did, though, was on a whole other level.

The streamer completed Halo 3 on the highest difficulty using a Guitar Hero controller. Needless to say, that's pretty insane.

This may seem like an impossible feat, but Super Louis 64 does these sorts of challenge runs all the time. Before this Halo 3 run, he'd done such things as beating Dark Souls 3 with two dance pads. This was when he was under the name ATwerkinYoshi, but despite his new username this streamer is still pulling off crazy and impressive runs like this. The Halo 3 run took about a month, and he died a total of 251 times. For a Legendary run, that's a better death count than some players can hit with a normal controller.

Super Louis 64 mentions in his Reddit thread that he tried the run because he saw a tweet with someone joking about seeing their roommate beat Halo 3 with a guitar. He wanted to see if that was actually possible, and clearly it was, but it wasn't easy! "[I]t turns out it definitely is if you don't mind your hands falling apart," Super Louis 64 says in his Reddit post. "The hard part of the run was managing a FPS with a guitar that has no joysticks." There's really no way to aim and shoot at the same time without the joysticks, so there's no doubt that this was a challenge.

Challenge runs are always a popular sort of run on Twitch and Reddit, along with speedruns (which are a challenge of their own caliber). People love to watch others find new and unusual ways to play games, and runs like playing with Guitar Hero controllers or dance pads will never stop being impressive. Sometimes game testers will even use the same speedrunning exploits to test their game.

Will Super Louis 64 try Halo Infinite (when it releases) with a Guitar Hero controller? Perhaps his hands are too wrecked from this run to consider it anytime soon.

Halo 3 released for the original Xbox, but gamers can also play it as part of the Master Chief Collection for PC and Xbox One.