Every video game series has its dedicated group of fans who are willing to do anything to get details about the next entry in their favorite franchise. Some will pull outrageous stunts while others focus on tracking the whereabouts of their favorite developer, trying to pull clues from something as simple as a Rockstar Games scouting trip.

One group of Grand Theft Auto fans, for example, are taking their excitement for Grand Theft Auto 6, by driving nonstop in-game until the next Rockstar franchise entry is released. YouTube channel 10HoursMovies plans to drive throughout the map of Grand Theft Auto 5 until Rockstar Games releases Grand Theft Auto 6.

Of course, there are some questions about the legitimacy of the feat and its goal. The 10HoursMovies channel is all about showing meme-worthy clips for 10 hours, usually so someone can annoy a friend with a looping video. So, this is not necessarily a group of GTA fans doing the driving, but a YouTube channel looking for attention.

Secondly, there is no way to confirm that there is actually someone driving during the stream. The description for the video only explains that the car will travel around the Grand Theft Auto 5 map until the premiere of GTA 6. Because the description says “premiere” there might be some confusion on the part of the streamer(s). The title says that they are “Driving Around the Map in GTA 5 Until the Release of GTA 6 (World Record),” but the description says, “The car travels the GTA 5 map to the premiere of GTA 6, which will probably take place in over 365 days.”

It’s true that Rockstar Games likely won’t release Grand Theft Auto 6 until over a year from now. Red Dead Redemption 2 is slated to release on PC later this month, and after that the developer will continue to support and build on the framework of Red Dead Online.

Still, there have been hints, leaks, and rumors claiming to know information about Grand Theft Auto 6, from where the game will be set to quick glimpses at “gameplay.” But for Rockstar the words Grand Theft Auto are unlikely to be uttered for some time – Bully 2 might even be the next game on the docket.

All that is to say this channel has its work cut out for it. Whether or not the car is still driving around San Andreas in a few weeks, few months, or a year is anyone’s guess, but right now the ambition is enough to pay attention.