With Rockstar Games having launched Red Dead Redemption 2 last year, everyone is waiting to see what's next from the award-winning company. Rockstar is keeping its next video game project a secret for now, but that hasn't stopped speculation from running rampant. The general consensus seems to be that Rockstar's next game will either be Bully 2 or Grand Theft Auto 6, and now comments from GTA 5 Trevor voice actor Steven Ogg seem to indicate that GTA 6 may indeed be next in line.

Speaking at the Brasil Game Show 2019, Ogg reportedly said that Grand Theft Auto 6 will come out "soon." He then added, "Games take seven to eight years to make, do the math." Since GTA 5 launched in 2013, this seems to suggest that Ogg believes the GTA 6 release date is either in 2020 or 2021. However, it's possible that Ogg is just guessing, as there is no indication that he has any actual involvement with the new Grand Theft Auto game.

Rockstar has never featured the same Grand Theft Auto playable character twice, so it would be unprecedented for Ogg to return as Trevor in Grand Theft Auto 6. However, Rockstar often does include supporting characters in returning roles in its Grand Theft Auto games, so maybe Trevor will appear in GTA 6 after all.

Right now, we know literally nothing about Grand Theft Auto 6 in any official capacity. All we have to go one are rumors, speculation, and supposed "leaks," the vast majority of which are likely false. However, there does seem to be some common themes between all of the GTA 6 "leaks" which may give fans an idea of what to expect from Rockstar's next open world game.

Many of the GTA 6 leaks claim that the game will be set in Vice City, with some claiming that it will feature both Vice City and Liberty City, with travel between the two areas. Some believe that the game will be set in the 1980s, whereas others say that it will feature a sprawling timeline that follows one character's journey over the course of a few decades.

Other rumors still say that GTA 6 will have a female protagonist. None of this has been confirmed, and until Rockstar itself reveals official information on GTA 6, all we can do is speculate.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is rumored to be in development.