Google Stadia has already received a mixed reception that leans negatively it seems. The meter may fall another notch or two now that reports of overheating Chromecast units are surfacing across the web.

Google Stadia released on November 19th, 2019 with promises that other companies have tried to deliver in the past. Stadia aims to release players from the constraints of consoles and desktop PCs to give them the ability to play with just a screen and their choice of controller. Stadia streams everything over the internet so players can enjoy high graphical fidelity without having to worry about whether a console or PC has the right specs.

With cross-platform play promised as well, Stadia aims to light up the gaming community with potential. That is, so long as users have Internet speeds to really let it shine and the data caps to enjoy it.

Now it appears amid the issues that already plague streaming based game services, the one piece of hardware some players would use to play on their TVs with Stadia appears to be overheating and potentially causing shutdowns. Input latency and lag have been frequently cited in negative feedback regarding Stadia, but what is worrisome now are the heat issues in Google's own Chromecast Ultra.

Google has responded that some heating on the units is a telltale sign of their proper operation but the users reporting the overheating claim they are causing shutdowns of their games in the middle of a session. Google responded and said within its own testing and with lengthy sessions of gameplay they had not encountered these heat-related crashes. Within the same thread, other users report high temperatures on their Chromecast Ultra when streaming movies or shows.

google stadia art controller

The negative, downward spiral and lack of Stadia features at launch coupled with the increasing number of reports that are coming forward about the heat issues, raises questions that need to be answered. How extensive was the testing at Google before release? Did the company try as many different possible hardware combinations as possible to determine whether there may be consistency issues? Regardless, it seems that a flat answer from Google saying that its testing did not produce these issues and leaving it at that appears to be a response that won't shed any positive light on Stadia as it stands. The issue may not have happened for in testing environments, but it appears to be happening in plenty of other places now.

Google is filled with brilliant staff who know how to test products and they likely put the Chromecast Ultra through its paces in testing. While the company responded with a statement that didn't address the issue it at least encouraged users with these reports to reach out to discuss them via their Stadia help page. Google has likely anticipated launch issues and will have action plans in place to address them. Enticing players with semi-exclusive games like Darksiders Genesis and full exclusives like Gylt are decent hooks for any new platform to attract new users and for all the reports of negativity surrounding the new gaming platform, there are plenty of glowing and positive reviews for those with strong internet connections who are enjoying Google Stadia happily.

Source: Reddit