One of the longest-running video game award shows is the Golden Joystick Awards. Gamers all around the world vote on the Golden Joystick award winners, and with the latest event having just recently taken place on November 16, we now know what the gaming public has selected as the absolute best games of 2019.

As always, the Golden Joystick Awards recognize games in a variety of categories. A number of different games won awards this year, though there were two titles that won multiple awards. The PS4-exclusive Days Gone won two awards at the Golden Joystick Awards, as did Capcom's Resident Evil 2. In fact, Resident Evil 2 enjoys the distinction of taking away the top prize at the Golden Joystick Awards 2019, being named the Ultimate Game of the Year by voters.

Here are all the Golden Joystick Awards 2019 winners:

Best Storytelling - Days Gone

Best Multiplayer Game - Apex Legends

Best Visual Design - Devil May Cry 5

Best Indie Game - Outer Wilds

Best Audio - Resident Evil 2

Still Playing Award - Minecraft

Best Performer - Logan Marshall-Green as David Smith (Telling Lies)

eSports Game of the Year - Fortnite Battle Royale

Best VR/AR Game - Beat Saber

Studio of the Year - Epic Games

Best Streamer/Broadcaster - Soleil Wheeler

Mobile Game of the Year - BTS World

PC Game of the Year - World of Warcraft Classic

PlayStation Game of the Year - Days Gone

Xbox Game of the Year - Gears 5

Nintendo Game of the Year - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Breakthrough Award - House House

Most Wanted Award - Cyberpunk 2077

Critics' Choice Award - Control

Lifetime Achievement - Yu Suzuki

Outstanding Contribution - Life is Strange

Ultimate Game of the Year - Resident Evil 2

With Resident Evil 2 being the top-rated game of 2019, it's no surprise to see it take away the top prize. The praise given to Days Gone may be a bit surprising to some players, however, as that game received mixed reviews at the time of its release.

In the meantime, the Golden Joystick Awards 2019 have been getting some attention for more reasons than just the awards it's dished out. The event is also notable for host Danny Wallace roasting Activision-Blizzard over the ongoing China controversy.

Looking ahead, there will be a ton of end-year awards given out for video games in December and January, with one of the biggest events being the upcoming Game Awards 2019. The Game Awards is also known for its world premieres, so video game fans will want to tune in for that as well.