This past summer, "Gamer Girl" Belle Delphine made headlines when she announced that she would be selling her used bath water online. The Belle Delphine bath water proved to be a huge hit for the social media star, though she later ran into issues when her Instagram account was taken down. Delphine then disappeared from the Internet a bit, with her last tweet before today sent out on August 5. Now Delphine has returned to Twitter, claiming that she was arrested.

Belle Delphine posted an image to Twitter earlier today that she claims to be her mugshot. The image has over 50,000 likes and counting, though it's unclear if Delphine was actually arrested. Conspiracy theories have been floating around about Delphine's absence, and it's possible that Delphine released this image to add fuel to the fire. There is currently no evidence beyond the mugshot that Delphine was arrested, but we will update this article if more proof presents itself.

If Delphine was really arrested, it's unclear why. Her most-recent tweet before the mugshot claimed that she had a case of food poisoning and had to fly home early from vacation, but she has given no indication as to anything she might have done to get arrested.

belle delphine mugshot

Delphine has been a controversial figure on the Internet for some time, though she became notorious in the gaming space after she started selling "Gamer Girl Bath Water." This stunt saw Delphine become the subject of a number of memes, and went a long way in making the social media star even more famous. Bizarre behavior is basically Delphine's brand, which she has promoted with bizarre YouTube videos where she does things like play video games with a dead octopus.

If Belle Delphine truly was arrested, more information on her arrest should come to light in the coming days. If details on the arrest don't come from Delphine herself, it seems likely that Internet sleuths will dig up the information. Until then, fans should treat the Belle Delphine mugshot with some healthy skepticism, as there's a distinct possibility that it is another one of her publicity stunts.

Source: Belle Delphine - Twitter