When it comes to next-gen consoles, there are many more unanswered questions than there are answered ones. When it comes to the PS5, there have been some bits of hardware detailed, new features for the likely-named DualShock 5 controller confirmed, the inclusion of a SSD revealed, and more, but there are also questions like how much it will cost, what will its launch lineup consist of, and for some, what will it look like? Now, German retailer TURN ON has tried to answer that latter question with a new concept video.

It's worth mentioning that the overall design of the PS5 probably doesn't matter as much to many unlike the lineup of games and the console's price, but it is something worth considering. After all, the popularity of slim consoles typically deal with the weight of the console as well as any other updates, and the bulkiness of the original Xbox One, for example, was met with criticism.

This PS5 concept video introduces something that is seemingly a nice crossover between the bulkiness of an early-gen console with a more fluid, slimming design. Of course, no one truly knows what the PS5 will look like, and this is just a fabrication. That said, it is a nice fabrication that could potentially grasp some details of the final console form.

ps5 design spec controller speculation

Fans may not have to wait too long before the design is confirmed by Sony, though. Rumors have suggested that the PS5 reveal date will fall on February 12, 2020, the supposed date of the PlayStation Meeting 2020. It's there that the future of the PlayStation brand will be discussed, that exclusive games will be revealed, and that a PlayStation VR 2 reveal could also happen, assuming that these rumors prove to be true.

Of course, while there is little confirmed, dev comments and online rumors have already sparked plenty of conversations about the next-gen console cycle. For example, some have suggested that the next-gen Xbox will be "more advanced" than the PS5, whereas others have suggested the opposite, but which console dominates next-gen or if it'll be a tight race remains to be seen.

The PS5 releases Holiday 2020.

Source: TURN ON