It has been nearly 25 years since the first PlayStation was released and the console has come a long way since then. Anyone itching to mark the occasion should head on over to the Geekstore, where there is a wide selection of PlayStation-themed merchandise celebrating the brand.

This December, PlayStation will have officially been entertaining gamers for 25 years, hosting a long line of beloved titles. For those who want to show off their appreciation for the brand, the Geekstore is the perfect place to load up on PlayStation goodies. Shoppers will find a variety of t-shirts, keychains, wallets, and pins. Be sure to check out the collections of very cool PlayStation One coasters made to look like cases of classic games. Since Sony will be celebrating the anniversary during one of the most festive months of the year, December, the store also has PlayStation gift sets and ugly Christmas sweaters.

In addition to an anniversary, there is another reason for PlayStaion fans to celebrate. Sony has officially revealed a PlayStation 5 release window. Anyone looking to get their hands on the next generation of the console have over a full year to save up, as the PS5 is expected to arrive towards the end of 2020, just in time for the holidays. The announcement was paired with an assortment of other details, such as how the next console will make changes to the way players install games.

The PS5 comes with a solid-state drive, which will not only reduce load times, but also allow users to download different parts of a game separately depending on what they want access to the most. There will be plenty to download as well since Sony is planning lots of exclusive titles for the PS5.

ps5 launch titles

Furthermore, new details for PlayStation 5 controllers were also released. They will have "adaptive triggers" that will react to whatever in-game weapon a player is using. For example, the triggers will tighten when a player shoots a bow and arrow. New haptic feedback will also be worked into the controller, amplifying the rumble and making it more reactive to a game's environment than previous models.

PlayStation 5 releases Holiday 2020.