Many video game soundtracks have received vinyl releases, including the Fallout 4 soundtrack, the Pokemon Red and Blue soundtrack, The Last of Us soundtrack, and more. Now, Gears 5's soundtrack is getting its turn in the vinyl spotlight with a vinyl release of its own within the next few months.

Gears 5 was praised for a variety of elements, including its presentation and polished gunplay, and was given props for its Super Mario Galaxy-inspired co-op play. Among the other components, the game had been praised for was Gears 5's cinematic and epic soundtrack, composed by Ramin Djawadi, who worked on Iron Man and Game of Thrones.

The game will soon be coming to vinyl via vinyl record website Laced Records. There will be two editions of the soundtrack, including a Limited Edition Deluxe Double Vinyl and a Deluxe Double Vinyl. Both editions will run at $35.00 before shipping and tax, and the only difference lays in the colors of the vinyl records themselves. The two records included in the Limited Edition Deluxe Double Vinyl are transparent red and orange, in tone with the general color scheme of Gears of War. This is similar to the soundtrack for Pokemon Red and Blue, whose record was red and white, similar to that of a Pokeball. Meanwhile, Gears 5's Deluxe Double Vinyl's records are black.

The vinyl release includes 18 tracks from Gears 5's soundtrack and has a "varied mixture of orchestral textures, huge-sounding percussion, and atmospheric electronic sounds." On Laced Records, the Gears 5 soundtrack is likened to a combination of Hollywood-esque, cinematic music with "impassioned melodies." The result is a soundtrack whose tone is in keeping with the campaign of Gears 5.

Furthermore, the vinyl soundtrack is described as being "pressed to 180g heavyweight" vinyl contained in a "deluxe gatefold sleeve." The artwork has apparently been completed by Luke Pearce, based in the United Kingdom.

Gears 5 was apparently Xbox Game Studios' biggest launch this generation, so for the game to receive this type of merchandise isn't all too surprising. The records are available for pre-order now and will ship out in February 2020.

Gears 5 is currently available on Xbox One and PC.

Source: Laced Records (via Gamereactor)