Gears 5 made a splash when it was released, and has become one of the best-selling Xbox exclusives of the year. With that said, fans did have discrepancies and Gears 5 has been relatively quick to solve most of the issues. The new update focuses on flashbang grenades, which so far haven't matched their intended purpose. With the most recent update to Gears 5, this is rectified and there are also new changes being introduced.

Flashbang grenades now blind enemies for 0.3 seconds rather than a complete second. This gives players a smaller amount of time to take advantage of their opponent's limited vision. The grenade also won't work if an opponent is in cover as of mid-October. The stun period is still the same but this new mechanic will allow players to have a more even fight and not be completely helpless when they're on the wrong side of an attack. On top of this, players will begin the game with a smoke grenade, largely to stop the over-reliance on the flashbang.

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There have also been some lag-related problems that have been resolved. Europe has had a patch to deal with the poor matchmaking but the quality of the online game has been an issue for other regions and they will be hoping to receive similar treatment if the patch is successful. Early access to Gears 5 was littered with matchmaking troubles but The Coalition has largely overcome the troubles it has faced.

Head of The Coalition, Rod Fergusson, has addressed microtransaction concerns claiming they're "learning as they go." Many will be happy that the game is evolving with the needs of the players, while others won't understand why a AAA game isn't the finished article when it is released. For those who want a better online competition, this will flashbang grenade nerf be a welcome change although some may miss throwing grenades into the air randomly and hoping for a reward.

Gears 5 is available now for PC and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot