It's almost Halloween, and that means all the big online multiplayer video games have started kicking off their Halloween events. This includes Gears 5, which will feature its limited-time Halloween event until November 5, giving fans a chance to play a new mode and unlock a special skin.

The new mode in Gears 5 is called Pumpkin Ball, and it replaces the heads of the various characters in the game with Jack-O-Lanterns. If players manage to complete 13 matches in the Pumpkin Ball playlist, they will unlock the Frankenstein's Imago skin for their trouble.

The Gears 5 Halloween event isn't the only time new content has been added to the game since launch. One of the most notable pieces of DLC for Gears 5 so far is the Batista skin for Marcus. All players have to do to unlock the Batista skin in Gears 5 is play the game by October 28. Batista retains all of Marcus's special abilities for things like Horde mode and the like, but he does come with some of his own voice lines to help him stand out from the rest of the multiplayer characters on the roster.

Since launch, The Coalition seems to have been mainly focused on growing Gears 5's roster of multiplayer characters. Besides Batista, The Coalition also added a recent update that brought a batch of new multiplayer characters into the mix. The most notable of these new characters was General RAAM, who served as the primary antagonist of the very first Gears of War game all the way back in 2006. General RAAM may not have been long for this world, but he has remained one of the most recognizable villains in series history, even representing Gears of War in other games.

Moving forward, Gears 5 fans can expect The Coalition to continue supporting the game with new content. It appears as though this new content will mainly come in the form of new multiplayer characters, but we wouldn't be surprised to see new maps and game modes (like Pumpkin Ball, for instance) added as well. Story DLC is likely out of the question, as Gears of War games have generally refrained from expanding on the story post-launch.

To see what happens next in the Gears of War franchise storyline, fans will likely have to wait until Gears 6. Right now, we know next to nothing about the game, except that Gears 6 will take some inspiration from The Handmaid's Tale, interestingly enough. More on that should come to light when the game is officially announced at some point over the next few years.

Gears 5 is out now for PC and Xbox One.