The highly-anticipated third-person shooter Gears 5 made waves when it launched over a month ago to stellar reviews. Now, developer The Coalition is hoping to further delight players of the game's multiplayer component by adding a grand total of six new Gears characters today.

Each new character became available in the Gears 5 multiplayer as of 3 PM EDT. Previously, Xbox partnered with WWE to bring professional wrestler Bautista to the Gears 5 multiplayer as a playable character; with the new update, The Coalition seems to be refocusing on actual Gears lore--although there are two additions from Terminator Dark Fate.

The new update adds four Operation 1 Gears characters: COG Gear, DeeBee, Warden and General RAAM. According to the announcement made via Xbox Wire, each character features "powerful multiplayer abilities to master," and can either be bought on the in-game store or earned through extensive gameplay. Then, the two Terminator Dark Fate characters are Grace (with film actress Mackenzie Davis reprising her role as the voice of Grace), and the Terminator Model Rev-9. All of the characters bring abilities to the Versus Arcade; according to The Coalition, "Whether your style favors the aggression of RAAM, the tactical advantage of the DeeBees or Grace’s explosive skillset, each new character offers a different way to flex your competitive muscle."

In addition, heroes DeeBee and Grace both bring new abilities to Escape and Horde modes as well as the Arcade. The COG Gear, the DeeBee, the Warden and RAAM cost 500 Iron each on the Gears 5 store, while the Terminator Dark Fate characters come together as a pack for $19.99 USD. Plus, this is the second Terminator Dark Fate add-on to Gears 5Terminator superfans can also pick up Sarah Connor (again voiced by her film actress, Linda Hamilton) and T-800 Endoskeleton skins for the same price. Basically, the Gears 5 multiplayer can host a full-on Terminator-style brawl at this point.

The Coalition is promising new Escape Hives and seasonal multiplayer events in the coming weeks, alongside new customization rewards to earn in the different Versus, Horde and Escape modes. All in all, it looks like The Coalition and Microsoft have no intention of letting the excitement over Gears 5 die off anytime soon, which is great news for players. Hopefully, future updates live up to the hype.

Gears 5 is available now for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Xbox Wire